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Monday, May 11, 2020

mo4ch:> Werner would be suited to Liverpool's style - Rangnick | Mo4ch News

The head of sport development believes the team's star striker would slot in nicely at Anfield, but hopes he stays in Germany

RB Leipzig star Timo Werner would fit well at a club like Liverpool, according to former coach Ralf Rangnick.

Werner, 24, has been heavily linked with a move to the Premier League leaders after scoring 27 goals in 36 games for RB Leipzig this season.

Rangnick, the former Leipzig coach and now the head of sport and development at Red Bull, wants Werner to stay, but feels Liverpool would suit the forward.

"The league is less important, but the club, from a purely hypothetical point of view, I would better see him in good hands with a club that is not necessarily defined by ball possession football," he told BILD.

"Since Timo has made progress under Julian Nagelsmann, his most important weapons, however, are the quick switching movement and his powerful finish.

"Therefore, he would rather fit a club like Liverpool, which is similar to our style of play, but I would prefer him to stay here."

Werner has enjoyed four strong seasons at RB Leipzig, netting 88 times in 150 games for the club since joining from Stuttgart in 2016.

Rangnick said the Germany international had a decision to make over his future.

"In the end, it is up to Timo to decide what he wants to do. Here in Leipzig he knows what he has," he said.

"Here he can play Champions League again next year."

Rangnick added: "And Timo is someone who also needs trust. He only gets that if the respective trainer knows him and relies on him."

Former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol believes the Reds should prioritise the signing of Werner ahead of a play for Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly.

"Listen, if I had a wish list then I would wish to have Koulibaly alongside Van Dijk," Nicol told ESPN.

"But if you're saying I can only have one choice, I'm going to go with Timo Werner.

"I think the front three need a lot more rotation than the backline.

"The way Liverpool play, the way that front three presses when they play together, eventually it's going to catch up with them.

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"They've been unbelievable for the last 18 months but you cannot keep that up for six, seven years. You need a break.

"I think defensively [Joe] Gomez has done enough to make Klopp be comfortable. He's not Koulibaly but I'll tell you what, he's not far off it.

"So if it's a choice between the two, I'm going to edge it towards Timo Werner."

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Werner would be suited to Liverpool's style - Rangnick

Werner would be suited to Liverpool's style - Rangnick