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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

mo4ch:> Simba SC's Manara dismisses Mwakyembe's foreign quota suggestion | Mo4ch News

The minister wants a reduction of players from outside in order to give room for the development of local talent

Simba SC spokesperson Haji Manara has dismissed suggestions by the Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, to reduce the number of foreign players in the Mainland Premier League.

The outspoken Manara states the country would be getting it wrong if the move to limit foreigners in the country in the guise of strengthening the local players and the Tarifa Stars is implemented.

The minister wants the number reduced from the current 10 to five.

“The Minister [Dr Harrison] Mwakyembe argues the foreigners are denying local players their fair chances in the country and this end up not helping the growth of the national team,” Manara wrote on his Facebook page.

“This is how we are going to get it wrong because we have been wrong before because as it stands Tanzania is not one of the strongest team in soccer.

“We have been wrong because of the decisions we have made and it seems we are not satisfied with those wrongs as we plan to make even more thus making Tanzania not have success in football.”

Manara pointed out the different steps other nations are taking and how it is helping them grow and what Tanzania are actually doing and getting wrong.

“When other nations are thinking of how to make sure they have vibrant youth structures in order to feed their national team with ease, here in Tanzania, we are thinking of having a league that will only involve local talent,” lamented the official.

“When other African nations are thinking of creating a conducive environment for their players to develop and join European teams and consequently build strong national teams, here in Tanzania we are seeing the only way of strengthening Taifa Stars is reducing the likes of Meddie Kagere [Simba SC striker from Rwanda] and Bernard Morrison [Ghanaian forward at Simba].”

He further elaborated how the sports industry has been a key source for taxes for the government and how foreign players like Zambian Clatous Chama, who is playing for Simba, have been a great contributor.

“Times have changed and football has evolved and has become a big business entity in the world. It is no longer an opportunity for politicians to make a name out of it, it has become a professional business which is paying a lot in the world and in Tanzania,” he continued.

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“I am not talking about gate collections alone, think about the amount of taxes the government gets from the whole sports industry and think how the National Stadium will get a huge number of people were it not for Kagere and [Clatous] Chama performances.

“Why should Azam FC have such a good goalkeeper like [Razack] Arbaola?  Why are Simba having Jonas Mkude and are not desperately looking for his replacement?”

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Simba SC's Manara dismisses Mwakyembe's foreign quota suggestion

Simba SC's Manara dismisses Mwakyembe's foreign quota suggestion