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Sunday, August 18, 2019

mo4ch:> UFC 241: Conor McGregor can wait, the world needs Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal | Mo4ch News

A Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz trilogy fight has been high up on many fans' MMA wish lists for a while but, after Diaz returned with a win at UFC 241 and called out another big name, there might be an even better fight in the mix.

Heading into UFC 241 the general thought was that if Diaz returned and picked up a win over former UFC lightweight champ Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, the natural next step would be for the UFC to make a trilogy fight between Diaz and Irish superstar McGregor.

But after Diaz’s win and post-fight interview, another fight option has opened up, and it's a cracker.

Diaz is chasing fights with what he calls “real fighters” and puts welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal in that category. He called him “a gangster” in his post-fight interview as he said he’d like to face him next. Masvidal, standing in the crowd, certainly looked keen.

Also on UFC 241: Nate Diaz calls out Jorge Masvidal after thrilling win (VIDEO)

The fight would pit two of the biggest fan-favorites in the UFC’s welterweight division head to head in a fight that would capture the imagination of MMA fans around the world.

It’s the perfect fight for Masvidal to take while teammate Colby Covington takes on reigning champ Kamaru Usman, while for Diaz it represents a chance to face off against a man whose fighting philosophy matches his own.

After the event, UFC president Dana White asked the media: “Who doesn’t want to see that fight?”

With the possible exception of McGregor, the correct answer is “nobody”. It’s a slam-dunk, and hopefully the UFC books it as soon as possible.


Back in 2016 I was fortunate enough to attend a media luncheon held by the UFC, where we got to chat to a handful of UFC stars. Sat on our table was none other than Stipe Miocic, who is usually pretty reserved with the press during his interview obligations.

But, chatting in a social setting, we got to see the real Miocic, a funny, engaging and down-to-earth guy who loves his family, loves his job as a firefighter and loves competing in the UFC.

Also on UFC 241: Stipe Miocic stops Daniel Cormier to reclaim UFC heavyweight title (VIDEO)

It meant that whoever won the main event title fight between him and Daniel Cormier, one of the sport’s good guys would be going home with the belt. And, after a superb performance, it was Miocic who walked out of the octagon with the UFC heavyweight title.

It meant he reunited with the title Cormier took from him at UFC 226 last July, and re-established him as not only the best heavyweight in the UFC, but the best UFC heavyweight champion of all time.

No less a man than Jon "Bones" Jones said the same, as he tweeted: "Stipe is hands down the best heavyweight of all time. I have nothing else to say." 

Sure, he's using Miocic's win to take a dig at Cormier - presumably in a bid to goad "DC" into a lucrative third fight at 205lbs - but while he may be looking to wind up the former champ, he is also 100% correct.

No fighter has won more UFC heavyweight title fights than Miocic, no fighter has had more heavyweight title defenses than Miocic and now he’s handed Cormier the first defeat of his career as a heavyweight. 

He might not always be the most outgoing personality with the media, but his exploits in the cage do all the talking you need to hear. When it comes to heavyweights in the UFC, he’s simply the best. End of story.


Here at RT Sport, we scored Paulo Costa’s fight with Yoel Romero to the Cuban powerhouse, but Brazil’s Costa got the nod on the scorecards to earn the biggest win of his career and prove he belongs in the title discussion.

The fight was super-competitive from start to finish and “The Eraser’s” constant forward pressure may well have been a deciding factor as he edged out Romero on the scorecards.

The Anaheim crowd didn’t like the decision, and let the judges know as they showered the cage with boos as the result was announced. But the fight was incredibly close.

Even though we scored it for Romero, there’s no doubt that Costa is a serious threat to the division’s best, and it’s quite possible his next fight could be for the UFC middleweight title.

Watch this space…

By Simon Head

Source : RT Sport News

UFC 241: Conor McGregor can wait, the world needs Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal

UFC 241: Conor McGregor can wait, the world needs Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal