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Monday, May 27, 2019

mo4ch:>Trump says impeachment-obsessed Dems are ‘getting NOTHING done’ | Mo4ch News

President Donald Trump slammed Democrat lawmakers for their preoccupation with his impeachment and said they would accomplish nothing in Congress if the effort continued.

Never one to miss out on a Twitter fight, the president fired off the messages Monday from Japan, where he is on an official visit.

“The Dems are getting NOTHING done in Congress! They only want a Do-Over on Mueller!” he tweeted.

Critics of the president insist he obstructed justice during the the special counsel probe and have clamored for an additional investigation, some even calling for impeachment. The White House is eager to see the case closed, and has signaled it will not cooperate with any further inquiries.

After more than two years of investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller could establish no criminal conspiracy between the president and Moscow, but Democrats have been largely unwilling to abandon the narrative, shifting focus from ‘collusion’ to obstruction.

The president and supporters claim he is the victim of a “witch hunt.”

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President Trump also hit back at Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib, who on Sunday told NBC that she sees House Democrats “moving towards” impeachment.

“Impeach for what, having created perhaps the greatest Economy in our Country’s history, rebuilding our Military, taking care of our Vets (Choice), Judges, Best Jobs Numbers Ever, and much more?” the president tweeted Monday. “Dems are Obstructionists!”

As Democrats settle into their obstruction narrative, Trump has himself hammered the message that his opponents, preoccupied with impeachment and never ending investigations, can’t accomplish anything in Washington.

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Source : RT - Daily news

Trump says impeachment-obsessed Dems are ‘getting NOTHING done’

Trump says impeachment-obsessed Dems are ‘getting NOTHING done’