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Monday, May 27, 2019

mo4ch:>Bolton is ‘war fanatic’ working to destroy peace – Pyongyang | Mo4ch News

US National Security Advisor John Bolton is a “war fanatic” and “defective human product” who works to destroy peace rather than maintain it, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has said.

The tough assessment, cited by state news agency KCNA, comes after Donald Trump’s adviser lambasted Pyongyang for recently carrying out short-range missile tests. Bolton described the drills as “no doubt” violating UN resolutions.

Hitting back, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry argued that scrapping missile tests completely would hamper the country’s national security.

Demanding us to ban all launches using ballistic technology regardless of range is like asking to give up our right for self-defense.

The ministry official added that even in the US Bolton is well-known as a “war fanatic” and that such a “defective human product should go away as soon as possible.”

Earlier in May, the North Korean military test-fired a number of rockets and missiles. Washington’s war hawks were quick to cite it as another reason to mount pressure on Pyongyang.

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Trump for his part wrote on his favorite social media platform, Twitter, that the tests of “small weapons” did bother some of his people, but not him.

The tests have been viewed as a way to put pressure on Washington to roll back sanctions imposed on North Korea, while Bolton is a staunch opponent of easing the restrictions.

“Bolton should be called an adviser to the destruction of peace and security rather than a security adviser working to secure safety,” Pyongyang said.

Bolton has been lambasted before for his “warmongering” position not only in relation to North Korea, but also for “looking for a fight” with Iran. Former congressman Ron Paul recently told RT that such a position is “very dangerous,” lamenting Trump for appointing neocons to his team.

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Source : RT - Daily news

Bolton is ‘war fanatic’ working to destroy peace – Pyongyang

Bolton is ‘war fanatic’ working to destroy peace – Pyongyang