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Saturday, June 29, 2019

mo4ch:>India’s ‘The Office’ comedy remake triggers meme WAR | Mo4ch News

The Indian revamp of the popular sitcom ‘The Office’ has ignited bitter controversy online. While many have pilloried the series for unoriginality, the show has also garnered many avid devotees.

Riding on the smash success of the American and British iterations of the series, the Hindi-language remake stars Gopal Dutt, Gauhar Khan, Sayandeep Sengupta, and Mukul Chadda, and, like the other versions, portrays the mundane, but often hilarious, happenings at a small-time paper manufacturer.

In India and around the world, people familiar with the show’s various forms have rushed to Twitter to engage in fierce combat over the reboot. Though reactions were mixed, the show’s fandom largely panned the new version.

One Indian commenter was outraged: “The new office is an insult and makes me nauseous to my stomach” he wrote.

Many questioned why the showrunners had decided to recreate the fan favorite. One Twitter user even slammed the series as “the most unnecessary remake of recent time,” adding, “No one. Literally no one wanted one,” and “why remake something that was already good?”

Fans of the new show were quick to hit back at the attacks, particularly the allegation that the acting and dialogue were “cringe.”

“Cringy acting boss is the hallmark of Office,” one person said in defense of the series. “This was exactly what everyone said about The Office US first few episodes.”

“Watched the first episode. Loved it! Good job,” another fan added. “The trailer didn’t impress me at all but the same scenes were funny in context.”

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Source : RT - Daily news

India’s ‘The Office’ comedy remake triggers meme WAR

India’s ‘The Office’ comedy remake triggers meme WAR