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Friday, January 11, 2019

mo4ch:>People post bizarre videos as #Adelechallenge takes over sports world | Mo4ch News

As a new social media challenge involving British singer Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You” is taking over the internet, the sports community chose not to stand aloof and joined in one of the most creative ways possible.

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The viral challenge started on a Chinese app TikTok where the original video was published showing an army of Haribo gummy bears signing the popular song. At first, a red bear appears to sing the first few words of Adele’s hit before the mic cuts out allowing the huge audience of gummy bears to finish off the line of the song.

The video rapidly spread on social media with thousands of users creating their own versions of the hit.

The popular internet contest, which is reportedly the first challenge of 2019, has swept the sports world as well with many professional teams and athletes participating.

Russian gymnasts, who got down to work after a lengthy Christmas break, paid tribute to the winner of five Grammy awards by presenting a chorus of hand grips “singing” Adele’s song.

KHL hockey teams Salavat Ulaev and Spartak also joined the action by posting Adele-themed videos on their social media accounts.

An army of cupboard Dynamo FC players also rendered “Someone Like You” hit under the direction of a hussar.

The San Francisco Giants step up to the challenge as well presenting their own idea of singing Adele’s super hit.

Chess board units, skies, basketball balls, and skates were also involved in the bombshell #adelechallenge which has gripped the internet community.

The most creative videos made for the challenge gained thousands of views on social media, making internet users burst into laughter while listening to Adele’s beautiful tune.

Meanwhile, there are rumors floating around that the British star might retire from singing career after it was reported that she has shut down her touring firm, Remedy Touring LLP.

Last summer, while performing at Wembley Stadium Adele announced to her fans she might never see them again on tour as she wants to concentrate on her family life, spending more time with her son Angelo.

Source : RT Sport News

People post bizarre videos as #Adelechallenge takes over sports world

People post bizarre videos as #Adelechallenge takes over sports world