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Saturday, November 17, 2018

mo4ch:>Two-headed deer: Hunter makes disturbing kill (PHOTOS) | Mo4ch News

A hunter’s unbelievable two-headed catch has gone viral as people can’t help but do a double take when they see the bizarre photos.

Bob Long had no idea he was hunting such a rare beast when he took aim in Ballard County, northern Kentucky, on Sunday. All he could see were a set of massive antlers.

It was only when he approached his kill that he realized just how unique it was. Long had shot a buck deer that appeared to have two heads with entwined antlers.

It turned out that the two-headed deer was not a newly discovered species or conjoined deer twins. It appears that the buck had been walking around with another deer’s rotting carcass stuck to his head before he was shot.

“This is a once in a lifetime thing to happen if you’re a hunter,” Long told News Now.

How the deer managed to get himself so entwined with a carcass remains a mystery, although bucks have been known to get their antlers stuck together when they ram each other.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife suspects “that the live buck spotted the antlers of the decaying buck and instinctively (under influence of rut-level testosterone) engaged in sparring them, becoming entangled at some point.”

When Long recovered his deer, most of the carcass of the second animal had been ripped away but a husk of dried skin and bones from the head and front legs were still intact and attached to the deer’s antlers.

The department shared photos of Long’s stunning find on its Facebook page, where it garnered more than 570 comments and over 2,000 shares as people expressed their amazement.

People were unable to believe their eyes when they saw the photos of Long holding his double-headed deer kill.

Long has already taken the deer heads to a taxidermist to preserve the rare trophy for generations to come.

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Source : RT - Daily news

Two-headed deer: Hunter makes disturbing kill (PHOTOS)

Two-headed deer: Hunter makes disturbing kill (PHOTOS)

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