With Rauner vetoes imminent, Madigan says no override Tuesday – Chicago Sun-Times

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With Rauner vetoes imminent, Madigan says no override Tuesday – Chicago Sun-Times

SPRINGFIELD — With Gov. Bruce Rauner’s vetoes of a budget plan imminent, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan said he won’t call for an override on Tuesday.

The Illinois Senate, however, plans to vote for overrides on Tuesday afternoon. Rauner had not vetoed the measures as of 12:15 p.m., but the actions are expected soon.

“My expectation is that the bills that the Senate just passed will become law and we will have taken a huge step towards correcting the financial imbalances of Illinois,” Madigan told WICS-TV, while confirming he won’t call for vote overrides on Tuesday. Democratic sources said there aren’t enough members in attendance for an override, including some of the 15 House Republicans who voted in support of the revenue measures on Sunday.

LONE VOTE: GOP senator says ‘my district told me to’ back budget

Earlier, a revenue measure cleared the Senate 36-18 with just under 10 minutes of debate. The measure will hike the income tax rate to 4.95 percent. A spending plan was soon after approved with a 39-14 vote. Legislators approved a budget implementation measure 36-17.

Madigan stood on the Senate floor with Illinois Senate President John Cullerton during the votes.

Senators Tom Cullerton, D-Villa Park, and Julie Morrison, D-Deerfield, voted no on the revenue measure. State Sen. Bill Haine, D-Alton, who is suffering from a rare form of blood cancer came back to Springfield to help Democrats clear the bill: “Although I have been facing some hardships over the last few months, this is bigger than me,” Haine said in a statement. “This is about the citizens of Illinois and ensuring they have a future in this great state.”

Sen. Dale Righter, of Mattoon, was the lone Republican voting yes for the revenue measure.

Righter said he voted to support the entire spending package for his district, where Eastern Illinois University has seen huge cuts during the impasse. When asked about pressure from the governor and Republicans to not support it, Righter said both were “respectful” of his decision.

“My district told me to vote for this package,” Righter said.

During debate on the floor, Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady called the budget package “incomplete,” asking instead for a “comprehensive solution” for the state.

“We’ve negotiated in good faith on a comprehensive solution and I regret to say we have not come to a conclusion to the comprehensive solution,” Brady said, adding there’s still no agreement on workers’ compensation and property tax relief.”

But revenue bill sponsor, State Sen. Toi Hutchinson, D-Olympia Fields, said the state doesn’t have any more time: “Too late is not good enough.”

“Right now, in this moment, in this time, on this day, the choice is simple, either whether we live to fight another day or we watch the state crash,” Hutchinson said.

Rauner in a Facebook message on Monday said that if the Legislature passes a tax hike without reforms, there will be a need to “engage citizens and redouble our efforts to change the state.”

With the governor’s vetoes, he’ll still be able to run his re-election saying he fought against a permanent income tax hike.

The revenue measure will hike the individual income tax rate from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent to bring in about $4.6 billion, and the corporate income tax rate from 5.25 percent to 7 percent to bring in about $460 million.

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