Why Logan Paul's Subscribers WENT UP After Controversy

Adam BaderLast Update : Saturday 6 January 2018 - 8:13 PM
Why Logan Paul's Subscribers WENT UP After Controversy

It’s one thing to be the “annoying goofball” character in Western culture, but in places like Japan, it’s a far more offensive concept. Japan has strict privacy laws about filming and photography, even in public places. But, what does he care? He’s a maverick, and being obnoxious is the the ultimate sign of being a maverick, right?

While you might think all of this negative attention has had a negative impact on Logan, his subscribers have actually increased since his original Suicide Woods video was posted.

So, for all of the outrage… Logan doesn’t seem to be losing any fans.

In fact, the day after the Suicide video went mainstream, 81,000 people subscribed to his channel — before the scandal, he was adding about 17,000 new subscribers daily. Which begs the question — is there such thing as “bad press” on YouTube?

Part of the reason Logan’s suicide video accumulated so many views is that it was the top video in YouTube’s “Trending” section before the video was removed — and the video was removed by Logan himself, not by YouTube.

Now, there’s 2 issues with Logan Paul’s suicide video appearing in YouTube’s Trending section. First, you have the most popular video sharing platform in the world actively recommending to users a video showing a corpse in an exploitative way. And secondly, the curation process for YouTube’s Trending section is, at best, opaque.

While a lot of people said that Logan’s video was obviously offensive and wrong, including Logan himself — his fans didn’t seem to particularly mind.

So what’s the solution here? How can YouTube and social media be better in 2018 and beyond? Let us know in the comments.

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