Verizon Partner Exposes Data of Millions of VZW Customers Who Called Customer Service – Mac Rumors

Tom MarkLast Update : Thursday 13 July 2017 - 12:33 AM
Verizon Partner Exposes Data of Millions of VZW Customers Who Called Customer Service – Mac Rumors
Can you hack me now?
The thing that struck me from this article is that the author said PIN number which is incorrect. It is a personal identification number, as such, already had the word number in the acronym. PIN number offends me as an English speaker.

Fake news. None of that information was ever protected in the first place. Literally almost each and every thing about all of us is known – to those who want to know it.

We have no privacy in the digital age, ‘hacked’ or not. It is all available.

Cool. In which case I’m sure you don’t mind publically sharing your full name, phone number, email address and home address with us?

Allowing such information to become available to the public by simply following a URL which wasn’t secured is far from “fake news”. It’s very much real news and very much an oversight that could have been easily avoided.

Coincidence that your username is keysofanxiety? I only meant to imply that any fear from this leak is the fake news. Everyone could know your address if they wanted to. Snapchat geocodes you. FB geotags you. Your phone tracks everywhere you go. Even this forum has your IP address and could make a discernible guess as to your location. Take pictures? The EXIF data extracted from those would give every location of any picture you’ve ever taken and posted to Instagram, etc.

And that’s not even mentioning all of the rights we toss away whenever we click “I agree” to those lengthy TOS agreements that nobody ever reads. Or to say anything of the Patriot Act and the loss of those civil liberties.

People shouldn’t get scared by this Verizon leak – that moment passed about 15 years ago.

All of that is true, yet it doesn’t mean making such information readily available is appropriate.

There seems to be these sorts of comments every time there’s any type of privacy leak and frankly I’m sick of reading it. “Who cares, if you’re part of Google’s ecosystem, or use Facebook, people know this stuff anyway. You think you’re safe? LOL.”

It’s a hugely dismissive argument. Yes, people can always find stuff about you if they look hard enough or have the sufficient knowledge. There’s no such thing as ‘real privacy’ on the Internet; nobody is denying that. But that doesn’t somehow justify even more people or companies making it easier to do so.

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