Taylor Swift on a throne

Taylor Swift takes aim at her critics and pokes fun at herself in the video for Look What You Made Me Do.

The new track had its official premiere at the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles and features her darker side leaving her former self behind her.

The single is thought to be aimed at stars like Kanye West and Katy Perry.

The video begins with Taylor Swift dressed as a zombie climbing out of a grave with a headstone reading “Here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation”.

Taylor Swift's mock headstone
Taylor Swift as a zombie

The 27-year-old is then seen dressed as a biker, a celebrity crashing their sports car, a woman bathing in a bath of diamonds, a bank robber wearing a kitty mask and a dominatrix.


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Taylor Swift on a throne

Image caption Taylor Swift’s mock throne is slithering with snakes – which have been a feature of her social media campaign for Reputation

Taylor Swift in a car wreck
Taylor Swift in a cage
Taylor Swift dressed as a bank robber with a kitty mask on
Taylor Swift as a biker
Taylor Swift with some models

She appears to poke fun at her relationship with ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston with her backing dancers wearing tops with “I (heart) TS” on them.

The British actor was photographed wearing a similar vest last year when the couple were going out.

Taylor Swift backing singers with "I love TS" on them

The director of Taylor Swift’s new music video, Joseph Kahn, has denied that he’s copied Beyonce’s Formation video.

It’s after fans compared their videos.