Study: Encourage your children to eat vegetables and fruit

Walid AliLast Update : Saturday 7 January 2017 - 1:59 AM
Study: Encourage your children to eat vegetables and fruit

Study: Encourage your children to eat vegetables and fruit

Mo4ch News : A recent US study showed that eating meals with the family is the proven way to eat healthy food, but there are tricks that can be followed by parents when they can not rally around the dining table with their children. The survey showed, which included nearly 2,500 teenagers in the state of Minnesota, US, that when the family meals are rare, the boys accept to eat fruits and vegetables when they are in front of them, and when they see the parents eat routinely.

Said Alison Watts, senior researcher in the study, one of the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis: “We found that in the absence of family meals regularly, these patriarchal habits have a positive impact on adolescent consumption of fruit and vegetables, and their impact alone seems greater than the effect of family meals alone. ”

She added: “For the parents, the more positive habits that can be followed in the house the greater the benefits.”

She stressed that “if you were not able to provide meals a family on a regular schedule, it is best to focus on other positive practices, such as ensuring the availability of fruit and vegetables and ease of consumption (though to be cut

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and on the table) to your children, and to encourage children to be addressed, and to be an example for them in this behavior. “

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