Stephen Colbert Tees Off on Steve Bannon for Fat-Shaming Sean Spicer – Daily Beast

Tom MarkLast Update : Wednesday 21 June 2017 - 6:44 AM
Stephen Colbert Tees Off on Steve Bannon for Fat-Shaming Sean Spicer – Daily Beast

Temperatures may be hitting record highs across the Southwest this week. But “you know who’s really feeling the heat?” Stephen Colbert asked during his Late Show monologue Tuesday night. “Mr. Sean Spicer.

“At yesterday’s press briefing, not only did Spicer not allow cameras, he also prohibited audio recordings,” Colbert said of the recent information blackout by the Trump White House. “That’s a big change from his usual press briefings, where only information is prohibited.”

Asked why journalists could not record the briefing, Spicer said, “There are days where we decide that the president’s voice should be the one who speaks for the administration.” As Colbert replied, “Your whole job is speaking for the administration!” Then there was the response from Steve Bannon, who texted a reporter, “Sean got fatter.”

“Ow!” Colbert said. “That is a low blow from a guy who looks like he’s either got the meat sweats or is sweaty meat.”

This is all on top of reports that Spicer may finally be losing his role as press secretary. “What? Why? When? Sean, I have so many questions!” Colbert said. “If you go, who will not answer them?”

After leading his audience in a chant of “Sean! Sean! Sean!” the host weighed in on some of the names reportedly being considered to replace Spicer, including conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, who told Fox & Friends that her “legal background” may mean she’s better suited to a different position in the administration. “Well, if you have a legal background, you’d be perfect!” Colbert said. “Especially when you’re asked when Jared will be eligible for parole.”

There’s also talk of rotating press secretaries so that President Trump does not get bored. “Look, I can’t stay mad at you if you’re out of my sight for a couple of minutes,” Colbert said, as Trump. “Because I lack object permanence.”

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