Shut Al-Jazeera, Isolate Iran: 13 Demands on Qatar to End Crisis – Bloomberg

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Shut Al-Jazeera, Isolate Iran: 13 Demands on Qatar to End Crisis – Bloomberg

A staff member of Al Jazeera edits news footage in the Washington bureau on Nov. 15, 2006.

The Saudi-led alliance that’s cut off Qatar over its foreign policy and alleged support for Islamists has drawn up a list of 13 demands to end the three-week-old crisis in the Gulf. Below are the demands, as confirmed by a Gulf official involved in the process, some of which are followed by Qatar’s previously stated position on the issue. The four countries opposing Qatar are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

  • Qatar should officially reduce its diplomatic representation with Iran and close down its offices in the country; all members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and those linked to them must depart Qatar; dealing with Iran should be restricted to commercial exchange allowed under international and U.S. sanctions and those that don’t harm the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council; cut off any military or intelligence cooperation with Iran.
    • QATAR POSITION: Denies it has a special relationship with Iran, but as a neighboring country says there has to be positive dialog with the Islamic Republic.
  • Immediate closure of Turkish military base that’s being established in Qatar, and stop all military cooperation with Turkey inside Qatar.
  • Qatar must sever ties with all terrorist, sectarian and ideological organizations, primarily Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Fatah al-Sham and Hezbollah. These groups should be listed as terrorist entities and added to the terrorism lists announced by the four countries, and to future lists.
    • QATAR POSITION: Qatar denies it aids terrorist groups. Its foreign minister has said the country also doesn’t support political parties in other countries, only governments. In Egypt, Qatar backed an administration supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, he said, but also provided assistance during a prior period when it was ruled by a military council.
  • Qatar must suspend all forms of funding to any terror or extremist individual entities and organizations, including those listed by the four countries and those designated by the U.S. and United Nations. 
    • QATAR POSITION: Qatari authorities have prosecuted five people accused by the U.S. and the United Nations of financing terrorists, according to two Western officials and a Qatari official, who have direct knowledge of the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity because they aren’t authorized to disclose the information publicly.
  • Qatar must hand over all designated terrorists, those wanted by the four countries and those included in U.S. and international terrorism lists. They should be arrested, their assets frozen, and no sanctuary should be provided by Qatar to others in the future. Any intelligence and evidence gathered by Qatar, especially on their whereabouts and finances also to be given up. 
    • QATAR POSITION: The editor of chief of a newspaper in Qatar is included in an earlier list of entities the alliance wanted action against. A Qatari charity which partners with UN organizations is also listed. “Some of those included have never been to Qatar, others passed through a decade ago,” Qatar Attorney General Ali bin Fetais Al Marri told reporters in Doha on Tuesday. That raised questions on why the country is responsible for these people, he said.
  • Closure of Al-Jazeera and all its affiliates. 
    • QATAR POSITION: This is a non-starter, as Qatar insists the network is a domestic issue and not open to negotiation.
  • Stop interference in the internal affairs and external interests of other countries. Halt naturalization of people carrying nationality of one of the four alliance countries. Revoke citizenship given to people from these states, and provide a list of all those who were granted citizenship. Cease contact with members of opposition groups in the four countries and disclose all records on the cooperation between Qatar and opposition groups, with evidence.
  • Pay compensation to victims, material losses including lost income incurred due to Qatar’s foreign policy in the past, with the mechanism for such reparation to be identified in an agreement with Qatar. 
  • Qatar must align itself with the GCC and Arab countries in all issues (military, political, economic, social, security) in ways that protects the national security of the GCC and Arab countries. It must adhere to the agreement reached in Riyadh in 2013 and the addendum signed in 2014.
  • Qatar must surrender all data related to opposition groups it supported in the past, including details of all types of support.
  • Closing all media outlets backed by Qatar, directly or indirectly. For example: Arabi21, Rassd, Al Araby Al Jadeed, Mekameleen, Sharq, Middle East Eye. These are just examples and not an exclusive list.
  • All demands must be accepted within 10 days, otherwise they will be considered void.
  • An agreement will include clear goals and mechanisms. Implementation will be monitored and reported on a monthly basis for the first year, quarterly in the second year, and annually for the following decade.

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