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Safe and Sound – Caribbean Hurricane Network

As of 5am the TS Warning has been discontinued. 

Last night, I wanted to keep the stormcarib family updated as the night progressed but my electricity went at around 6:30pm and never returned until around 4:00am.

Tobago was spared the brunt of the storm but in Trinidad there are reports of flooding, fallen trees and lost roofs.

In Tobago we experienced mostly wind with a few heavy showers, there was no thunder or lightning. The wind really blew and those trees danced . It is a miracle that no trees went down in my neighborhood.

The only reports in Tobago so far are of fallen trees and one house that collapsed entirely. I have my ears on the ground for any further information.

Well no school today so my son and I are at home and all government offices are closed so my husband is also home. More rain expected throughout the day so I am just going to chill out and relax. The weather right now is windy and the sun is peeping through.

My prayers go out to those affected and to those in the storm’s path. Be safe.


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