Rubio in Twitter tirade over article

Tom MarkLast Update : Tuesday 17 May 2016 - 12:54 PM
Rubio in Twitter tirade over article

Marco Rubio attacks ‘made up’ reports on his political future

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Image caption Mr Rubio dropped out of the Republican race for US president after losing in his home state

Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has launched a tirade on Twitter against an article speculating on his political future.

The Washington Post reported that the Florida senator is “betwixt and between when it comes to his next move”.

But Mr Rubio said: “Funny to read about unnamed ‘people close’ to me who claim to know my thinking on future plans.”

He quit the race after losing Florida to Donald Trump, the only contender left for the Republican nomination.

Mr Rubio has ruled himself out of running as vice-president.

According to the Washington Post: “Rubio, according to conversations I’ve had with people close to him, is sort of betwixt and between when it comes to his next move.

“Despite some urging to reconsider his plans to retire from the Senate, Rubio seems likely to stand firm and head out in November.”

Mr Rubio was not impressed. Here is how he responded.

Image copyright @marcorubio

Image copyright @marcorubio

If there was any doubt about whether Mr Rubio would stand down from the Senate, he sought to clarify.

Image copyright @MarcoRubio

Image copyright @marcorubio

There was a nod to Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who has never held political office.

Image copyright @MarcoRubio

And this is how Mr Rubio signed off.

Image copyright @MarcoRubio

Image copyright @MarcoRubio

Image copyright @marcorubio

Others on Twitter meanwhile sat back and enjoyed the outburst.

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Source: BBC World

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