'Records on ISIS terrorists ignored': Turkish MP accuses govt, passes 'evidence' to RT

Tom MarkLast Update : Friday 13 May 2016 - 5:27 PM
'Records on ISIS terrorists ignored': Turkish MP accuses govt, passes 'evidence' to RT

A Turkish opposition MP has accused the government of ignoring Islamic State terrorists’ activity on its territory despite knowing their precise locations. Documents containing what is thought to be proof of those allegations have been handed over to RT.

“These phone conversations include terrorists’ locations, which hotel they were staying in, which petrol station they would fill their cars at, in which mosque they would gather, how many people would come and go – all of it. Even though this information was known, there wasn’t any operation against them,” opposition MP Eren Erdem told the Turkish parliament. “I am asking a simple question: Why didn’t you arrest these terrorists?”

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Erdogan calls MP ‘traitor’ for telling RT that ISIS got chemical weapons via Turkey

As he was speaking, Erdem was holding a stack of documents in his hand, alleging there are 422 pages of police data concerning IS, which prove the authorities deliberately didn’t act when it had a chance to arrest them. The Turkish MP provided copies of the documents to RT, and they are currently being examined.

Erdem says some of the transcribed phone recordings belong to Ilhami Bali from an IS affiliate suspected of staging high-profile bomb attacks in Ankara and the mainly-Kurdish border city of Suruc, which targeted pro-Kurdish and leftist gatherings.

Another man mentioned in the documents is Ebu Hanzala, a pro-jihad speaker, who was arrested by the Turkish police in 2015 only to be released later by a Turkish court. On his website, he is calling for killing people from religious and ethnic minorities.

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Erdem, who is a member of the Republican People’s Party, is a well-known critic of the Turkish government. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan labeled him a traitor for his earlier accusations, in which Erdem said Ankara knew about a cross-border supply of chemical weapons to IS and did nothing to prevent it.

Voicing accusations of alleged links between Turkish authorities and terrorist groups in Syria is a dangerous move in Erdogan’s Turkey. Last week, a Turkish court sentenced two prominent journalists from the Cumhuriyet newspaper to jail terms of over five years for a report about supplies of arms to Syrian militants by Turkish special services. They have been convicted on charges of “revealing state secrets.”

Erdem is immune from prosecution due to his MP status, but parliament is currently in the process of stripping this protection from its members.

Source: RT World

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