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program viber 2016 easy to use program contains a wonderful picture

program viber 2016 easy to use program contains a wonderful picture

Mo4ch News  : of the wonderful programs that develop itself in the quality of voice and video calls and send files quality through fiber made her one of the giant among social networking programs around the world.

Has in the past few days, especially in the past five years, significant technological wealth around the world in the field of telecommunications, where he became your mobile phone takes you far in any place around the world for free, whether through letters or through voice calls or video calls, or use it to send files to all over the world free without any material costs only cost online only resulted in the launch of the feast of the major global programs and in the field of chat, chat and messenger August and fiber and Way and also chat and many other programs.

Viber that program, which is used by nearly 200 million users around the world this program, which was launched in 2010 on a platform Yvonne then spread on Android phones in 2011 and then spread to most of the mobile phones and also has been launching a private office copy devices.

The company was developed for the application of sale Viber and its owning company technological Japanese amounting to nearly a billion dollars, which launched its first versions of the new owner of the company last year and was able to obtain impress millions of users around the world.
2016 Viber program viber latest version wonderful program used by hundreds of millions of users around the world already worth the experience
Facing many private espionage and breach the privacy around the world problems Viber program where some believe the company producing the program of failing to protect their personal information or encrypt all employees within the company can through the program to spy on your personal information, such as your personal photos and also you can see the phone book and you can see your .
As it is also facing some problems in the Arab region and the Gulf, where the owner of the idea of creating the program and Bomber Talmon Marco, who studied communications at Tel Aviv University and joined the IDF and the head of communications band Israeli army claims after his release from conscription fired viber program.
This led to the creation of some Arab states to withhold the application of viber has, such as Lebanon’s claim because of the affiliation program in Israel and then also withheld the program in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates because of the objection of some telecommunications companies are companies out there in these countries, which have caused those companies in big loss .
The program features
program viber 2016 easy to use program contains a wonderful picture in the main screen is compatible on most smartphones office systems and devices.
It was launched last year, a private office with instruments copy made him a strong contender famous in the field of

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computers copy of the program Skype.

You may download through the 2016 Viber program chat and send text messages and send smilies and smileys.
It may through the program a better quality of voice calls is one of the best programs of competition.
You may through a video-communication program and the work of video calls between you and your friends with high quality.
Viber download software for Android phones


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