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‘Power Rangers’ begins reshoots in Vancouver

90s kids already knew that the “Power Rangers” movie reboot would be different from what they remember thanks to that brand new trailer that debuted at New York Comic Con earlier this month, but it looks like the tone might be even more serious than expected. 

‘Power Rangers’ is back in Vancouver

Despite recently being cast in the second season of “Stranger Things,” Red Ranger Dacre Montgomery was back at work for his big screen project this week. The Red Ranger as well as Becky G, who plays the Yellow Ranger, were spotted back in Vancouver where the movie did the bulk of its filming earlier this year. It’s possible the shoot is pick-up shots for scenes that had issues in post-production, but eagle-eyed fans spotted a new location shoot and shared it on social media.

‘Power Rangers’ spotted in a cemetery

Members of the cast were spotted and photographed in a place that didn’t make the news when the film was shooting in the spring. Burnaby Cemetery was full of cast, crew, and extras for the film, and YVR Shoots caught some of the group on camera.

Despite the stormy weather the region was experiencing, shooting moved ahead on schedule in what looks like a funeral scene. A group of people were filmed surrounding headstones with umbrellas protecting them from the rain, and from the eyes of prying fans who might have spoiled more details of the scene.

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‘Power Rangers’ begins reshoots in Vancouver

‘Power Rangers’ begins reshoots in Vancouver

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