Poll: Majority of GOP, Dems supports ObamaCare's birth control mandate – The Hill

Tom MarkLast Update : Wednesday 5 July 2017 - 9:27 PM
Poll: Majority of GOP, Dems supports ObamaCare's birth control mandate – The Hill

Majorities of both Republicans and Democrats support ObamaCare’s birth control mandate, according to a tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

The mandate requires insurers cover birth control with no cost-sharing, but it is slated for changes under the Trump administration. 

Sixty-eight percent of the public supports the mandate, the poll released last month found. That includes 81 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of independents and 54 percent of Republicans. 


The majority of the public also opposes allowing employers to get an exemption from covering birth control in their health plans if they have religious or moral objections. 

Fifty-three percent oppose allowing religious exemptions, while 55 percent oppose the moral exemption. 

Sixty-five percent of Democrats oppose allowing exemptions for religious reasons, and 76 percent oppose exemptions for moral reasons. 

But 54 percent of Republicans support exemptions for religious reasons, while 58 percent support exemptions for moral reasons. 

The Trump administration is poised to make changes to the mandate by granting broad exemptions to employers that object on religious or moral grounds.

A leaked draft of the rule being considered by the administration would allow any employer to seek an exemption on those grounds. 

The rule is still being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget.  

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