the perfect mind in healthy body

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the perfect mind in healthy body

the perfect mind in healthy body

Mo4ch News  : Concepts of focus and chant in previous articles, self-confidence, this element and given a key to the diagnosis and represents a well-off life and promising for the development and upgrading for the better and better.

Health is one of the priorities and the elements that are indisputable as the basis and axis to achieve a happy life. To this must be careful physical and the health and safety performance, and work to enjoy moderate physical abilities dear reader, and engage in the preservation and conservation.

It is wrong to be indifferent health , nor reproach attention to our capabilities and our potential within ourselves, this conduct and behavior indicates the possibility of decline and deterioration in our course of life, Wei imagine style or pattern of life that we want-limits and attainable.

The symptoms and manifestations of fatigue and tiredness (physical, psychological) are the signs and signals are scarce , a touchstone and proof of the lack of disturbance in confidence and CDA direct confrontation natural for our needs.

Failure to pay attention to this aspect is necessary, leading to tendencies and Nazified and concerns may be reflected on the way and style of our daily lives. Then we are inevitably prone to depression, and sleep disorders and cases of agitation and pessimism. Cases of psychological and not birth defects

These mental distractions and stems arising from the refusal of the unconscious psychic life of positive emotion for the development and the quality of life and the accompanying and attendant priorities. fundamentals and techniques straight and healthy lives centered around answering the basic needs and optimal.

In the rhythm of the community to live fast and steady and the concept of quality is almost a slogan often (frequenting cafes, eating in restaurants, meals and sandwiches …).

In order to avoid exposure to health disorders, it is advisable to avoid this type of lunch and nutrition, as they are in most times are harmful to health, as it contains a creamy fat and other ingredients that do not know how prepared and cooked.

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