Pence's spokesman refused to answer three times whether VP met with Russia – Death and Taxes

Tom MarkLast Update : Thursday 13 July 2017 - 2:38 PM
Pence's spokesman refused to answer three times whether VP met with Russia – Death and Taxes

On Wednesday Mike Pence’s press secretary Marc Lotter appeared on Fox News and clearly didn’t want to talk about Russia.

When asked, in light of the recent findings on the Trump campaign’s collusion with a hostile foreign government during the 201 election, whether his boss ever met with representatives from Russia, Lotter stumbled through a lot of words that didn’t answer the question:

“Ah, the vice president is… is, uh… is not focused on the areas where, you know, on this campaign. Especially things that happened before he was, uh, even on the ticket. Ah, as he has said that when he joined the campaign his entire focus was on talking to the American people, taking the case that President Trump was going to make to the American people and doing everything he could to make sure that, uh, he and President Trump were elected and sent to Washington…”

Uh… say what?

When host Bill Hemmer interrupted this mountain of verbal gobbledygook to remind Lotter of what his actual question was and press further by asking whether Pence ever met with either a private citizen or Kremlin representatives during the campaign, Lotter “erred” and “ummed” his way through a second non-answer, and went back to that old chestnut about the veep being focused on talking to the American people. But Hemmer wasn’t biting: “Just to nail this down so we’re clear: is that a yes or a no? Did he or did he not? And was it relevant, in fact?”

Realizing that he either had to answer the question or yank off his microphone and run for the hills, Lotter half relented and said that he was “not aware of anything that I have seen. All of the focus that I saw with, uh, Vice President Pence during the campaign and since then has been focused on working the agenda that the people sent him to, uh, Washington to accomplish. That’s what the vice president is doing. That’s what the president is doing.”

Like a good robot, Lotter then pulled some shit about job numbers, border crossings and ISIS being “on the run” out of his ass and prayed that would be the end of it. Hemmer, sparing himself and his audience the torture of listening to any more of Lotter’s unpolished deflection, simply moved on.

When he’s not touching important NASA equipment that’s clearly marked “Do Not Touch,” Pence — who lawyered up in June to deal with Robert Mueller’s investigation into the White House’s ties to Russia (probably only after his wife told him it was ok to do so) — has been very obviously trying to distance himself from Trump and the whole Russia scandal. Which has led many media outlets to wonder if Pence’s plan is to make a run for the Oval Office in 2020 himself. And you thought you just had to make it through the next three-and-a-half years!

[h/t @AynRandPaulRyan]

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