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‘Pathetic’: Floyd Sr’s epic Conor smackdown

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FLOYD Mayweather Sr has added one more jab to his son’s fight.

The father of Floyd Mayweather Jr. called Conor McGregor’s performance on Saturday night “pathetic” and a “failure” in his 10-round TKO loss in Las Vegas.

“No,” Mayweather Sr. told MMAFighting.com when asked if he was impressed by McGregor’s boxing. “I don’t see nobody even talking the way he talk. Then to go out there and fight like that? Man, that was pathetic, I thought.”

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UFC: Conor McGregor throws down multiple hammerfists to opponent Floyd Mayweather in their fight of the ages at Las Vegas.

All of Conor’s hammerfists

The constant jabbering is how the McGregor-Mayweather Jr. fight, between a UFC legend and boxing legend, happened in the first place. But Mayweather Sr. did not appreciate when McGregor’s MMA reflexes came out in the ring.

“All the illegal punches and stuff he did,” Mayweather Sr. said when asked what was “pathetic” about McGregor’s performance. “You know, hitting [Mayweather Jr.] in the back of the head. … [McGregor] showed me no boxing.”

If McGregor keeps up this charade, Mayweather Sr. said, he’s putting himself in real danger.

“If he keep [boxing],” the 64-year-old said. “… Somebody gonna kill him.”

Mayweather Sr. said he had never seen a knocked-out fighter as happy as McGregor was Saturday. The payday had a lot to do with it.

“It all could be about the money with him, because he can’t be about no glory … because what he did was a failure,” he said.

Conor McGregor smiles at the post-fight press conference.

Now that the fight is over and his son is 50-0, Mayweather Sr. does not want to see his son make another comeback tour.

“No, man,” Mayweather Sr. said when asked if he would support his son coming out of retirement if another big payday presented itself. “I would definitely have something to say about it. If he has another one, I don’t think I’d be there.”

This story originally appeared on New York Post.

Boxing: Conor McGregor certainly knows how to entertain a crowd.

McGregor’s boozy presser

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