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Nitish-BJP coupling: A day later, Tejashwi Yadav tweets up a storm, says 'people are not fools' – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Tejashwi Yadav, the deposed deputy chief minister of Bihar, tweeted up a storm on Thursday, warning the JD (U) and its chief Nitish Kumar that “people are not fools” and that “vicious greed for power…will spell its own doom”

The power shift in Bihar

Here’s a look at how the numbers stack up in the Bihar assembly with the splitting up of the Grand Alliance.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad‘s younger son said Nitish and the BJP were “perturbed” by his performance as deputy chief minister, which is why they plotted to break up the ‘grand alliance’. He further said that the marginalised had begun “voicing their opinion with a sense of equality” which further perturbed the BJP and the RSS who pushed for Nitish breaking up the ‘grand alliance’+ .

Nitish on Wednesday evening resigned as chief minister, after which the BJP pledged its support to him to become Bihar CM once again. The JD (U) chief was then again sworn in as CM+ on Thursday morning with a BJP man as deputy CM this time around.

All this is down to “opportunistic politics” said Tejashwi.

“Past baggage, though unjustified, didn’t perturb me when I was entrusted to carry the expectations of people’s mandate, in the role of DyCM! I delivered manifolds than what was expected of me. My performance perturbed our ally & BJP. Vendetta against me exposes their viciousness,” tweeted Tejashwi, a couple of hours after a new deputy CM of Bihar – from, of parties, the BJP – was sworn in to take his place.

Tejashwi further said the JD (U) couldn’t find “lacuna” in his performance, which is why they resorted to “opportunistic politics”. People of the state, he said, “are not fools that they (will) digest” such moves.

“Much to their dismay, they were unable to point a single lacuna in my performance. So (they) resorted to low level vindictive & opportunistic politics…Vicious greed for power of opportunism will spell its own doom. People are not fools that they digest their penchant for wicked power grab,” the former Bihar deputy CM said.

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