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Letter: Trump was right about Comey – Aiken Standard

We have all witnessed the track of the so called Russian election interference. Both the House and the Senate have been nearly consumed with investigations and the testimony from a stream of various officials.

The appearance of James Comey was especially poignant as we saw what was once the Chief Investigative Officer now admitting that he had leaked information to the press. His releasing information through a third party was just one more curious act that sullied his standing.

However, that one act was insignificant compared to the fiasco he created with the way he ended the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

When Comey made the public announcement that, although the FBI had found many breaches in the handling of classified information, he did not find intent and further reasoned that no reasonable prosecutor would find cause to file charges against Clinton. This was a strained position for Comey to take, especially since his role was simply to report the FBI’s findings to the Attorney General who had the purview and authority to determine whether to file charges.

Comey’s reasoning, at the time he made the announcement, seems to be very convoluted. We learned from his testimony as to why he decided to go public and preempt, as it were, the Attorney General.

To paraphrase, Comey testified that he was very conflicted on a course of action, and part of his inner turmoil, as he characterized as the “Capper,” was Bill Clinton’s meeting with Lynch on an airplane.

Apparently, he felt that he could not trust the Attorney General to make an unbiased decision on the case. Loretta Lynch’s asking of Comey to refer to the investigation as a “matter” probably added to his angst.

At first blush, Comey’s apparent rationale did not seem to make sense. If he felt Lynch was tainted by the Bill Clinton meeting and that somehow the fix was in, why not just make his recommendation to the Attorney General that he found no wrongdoing and let Lynch report it as it would have had the same effect: no prosecution?

After all, had not Lynch stated that she would follow the recommendation of the FBI some time earlier? Could it be that Comey was in on the fix himself and was sparing Lynch from having to deal with the political repercussions? Far-fetched perhaps.

No one seemed to press Comey further on his basis for taking the unusual step of airing his remarks before reporting to the Department of Justice. Several rationales and scenarios may play out in one’s mind as to Comey’s actions, but none seem to be plausible or maybe they are and we just cannot come to terms with them.

In any event, Comey has acquitted himself as a twerp and turned his career into a boondoggle. Lordy Jim, you are batty, and Trump was right to fire you.

Pete Palmere


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