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Kuwait steadily supports Int’l Red Cross

By Arwa Al-Wugayyan
KUWAIT, Oct 19 (KUNA) — The State of Kuwait is the sole Arab country that has been continuously funding the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), personnel of which often encounter life-threatening situations globally.
Yahya Al-Olaibi, the head of the ICRC regional commission, in an interview with KUNA lauded Kuwait’s unwavering backing for humanitarian work in general and the ICRC relief tasks in particular, noting it “has been supporting the Red Cross since years.”
Security “has become almost nil” for the ICRC staff serving at the hot spots globally, he said, singling out recent tragedy of a French staff who had to undergo 10 months of tormenting captivity in Yemen.
Turning to Kuwait, he affirmed that the Gulf State steadily supports the ICRC financially, morally and diplomatically, noting its support for a recently-draft Security Council resolution against targeting hospitals and medical services in regions of conflicts.
Categorically denying a misconception that the ICRC is a religious missionary, he noted its works in troubled Muslim or predominantly-Muslim nations such as Syria, Somalia, Sudan in addition to 40 years of humanitarian missions in Afghanistan.
The ICRC emblem actually signals humanitarian work, he stressed, re-affirming that the international organization “works for the sake of human beings wherever they are and with utter neutrality.”
Shedding light on Yemen, he said the situation there has become extremely dire, with shortage of food, clean water, power and medical supplies. Distribution of relief aid there has become quite difficult due to the lack of security, he said, noting that the ICRC is often compelled to get engaged in marathon and thorny negotiations to secure assistance for the needy in the war-torn country. (end)

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Kuwait steadily supports Int’l Red Cross

Kuwait steadily supports Int’l Red Cross

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