Iceberg berserk tends to break away from Antarctica

Walid AliLast Update : Friday 6 January 2017 - 11:17 PM
Iceberg berserk tends to break away from Antarctica

Iceberg berserk tends to break away from Antarctica

Mo4ch News : Heading a massive iceberg is approaching the size of the US state of Delaware to break away from Antarctica (the Antarctic). Scientists said that the rift has been growing slowly in recent years across the ice shelf (Larsen C) in the Antarctic Peninsula has expanded suddenly last month and increased length of about 18 kilometers.

They added that the length of the gap now stands at 80 km and only 20 kilometers left only on separation from Antarctica.

Scientists at Swansea University in Wales, said in a statement, “Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica CNN tends to separate an area of ​​over 5,000 square kilometers, after a significant increase in the crack.”

The statement added, “the separation will change fundamentally the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula.”

Source : Rebounds

Scientists fear that the loss of ice shelves around Antarctica will allow water glaciers slide faster into the sea with the global warming due to the greenhouse, which will increase water levels in the seas around the world.

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