Heavy rain caused a “crisis of crops” in southern Turkey

Walid AliLast Update : Saturday 7 January 2017 - 5:17 PM
Heavy rain caused a “crisis of crops” in southern Turkey

Heavy rain caused a “crisis of crops” in southern Turkey

Mo4ch News : Heavy rain hit several regions province of Mersin, southern Turkey, which led to the dumping large amounts of water and damage to crops and agricultural land, amid fears of a jump in vegetable and fruit prices. The head of the Agricultural Chamber of Mersin Cengiz Gokl in remarks published by the newspaper “Hurriyet” Turkish, the hectares of agricultural land sank, asking help from the authorities to cover the losses incurred by farmers.

He added: “Our farmers tried to save their crops own efforts. Our region was of great importance in fresh fruit production. For example, about 70 per cent of the production comes from Mersin, Turkey, which is now destroyed as a result of the terrible disaster.”

Gokl explained that local producers already face major problems in the marketing of their crops, because of the diplomatic crisis that affected the relations between Turkey and Russia, the largest vegetable and fruit market of Turkey.

He continued: “Most of the producers left indebted to the banks. We want to help and support so that we can overcome our losses and to keep our production. We can not cover our market now and farmers are not able even to harvest their farm prices began to rise, and if they did not find help, the prices will go up more.”

Source : Rebounds

He estimated local administrator material losses caused by the rains in Mersin by about half a million pounds, equivalent to about 138 thousand dollars.

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