Governors 'High Degree of Anxiety' Over Health Care Bill –

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Governors 'High Degree of Anxiety' Over Health Care Bill –

Image: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin talk

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (L) talk at a meeting during the National Governors Association summer meeting in Providence, Rhode Island on July 14, 2017. Brian Snyder / Reuters

In his speech, Pence did not beat around the bush about why he had come to Providence, devoting most of his remarks to a hard sales pitch for the GOP health care plan.

“President Trump and I believe the Senate bill is the right bill at the right time to begin the end of Obamacare and rescue the American people from this failed policy,” Pence said to fairly muted applause.

As the governors sat in white leather desk chairs arranged in diamond formation in front of the podium, Pence went on for 20 minutes, mixing statistics with personal anecdotes, leaning on his experience as a former governor vouch for the bill.

Pence expanded Medicaid as governor of Indiana, as Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry Mcauliffe, the chairman of the NGA, reminded the audience in a backhanded compliment during his introduction of the vice president.

But Pence used that to his advantage.

“As a former governor who expanded Medicaid in our state, I understand and appreciate, as the president does, the concerns that many of you have,” Pence said. “The truth is, for a long time Medicaid’s been a broken system that’s been fundamentally unsustainable…This just can’t continue. That’s why the Senate health care bill for the first time in its history puts Medicaid over budget.”

Pence specifically addressed the concerns of Kasich, who was not present, and extended thanks Sandoval for his leadership in the NGA, but mentioned no other governors by name.

Meanwhile, even Democrats from conservative states felt comfortable slamming the latest version of the repeal plan.

The Senate health care bill is “trying to put lipstick on a pig, guess what, it’s still a pig,” said Montana Gov. Steve Bullock.

John Bel Edwards, the Democratic governor of Louisiana, called for a bipartisan approach to healthcare that leaves the Affordable Care Act largely in place.

“It is literally saving lives, it is saving money, it is making a real difference for working people in our state,” he said.

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona said this week that the Senate bill “needs a lot of work.”

“I am talking with [Arizona GOP] Senators [Jeff] Flake and [John] McCain and I’m telling them what my opinion is, and I’m letting them know that I don’t want to see any Arizonan have the rug pulled out from underneath them,” he said in

a radio interview.

Even some GOP governors from red states that have not expanded Medicaid are expressing concern.

“We can’t just have a significant cost shift to the states because that’s something we cannot shoulder,” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said on MSNBC. “The new Senate bill made significant progress in a number of areas that we’ve requested, but there’s still a challenge in terms of cost-sharing with the states.”

However, other conservatives, like Kentucky GOP Gov. Matt Bevin, backed the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare.

“Something has to be done. I’m a big proponent above all else of having control given back to the states,” Bevin told reporters. “The reality is this was supposed to create more opportunity for people, but it’s had the exact opposite effect. We were very close to having half our counties with no provider.”

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