Five threatening that disease in winter

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Five threatening that disease in winter

Five threatening that disease in winter

Mo4ch News : Five threatening that disease in winter Come winter, bringing with it rain that irrigate the land and salutes the implant, but also testifies to some common diseases that increasingly common in it. So what is it? And ways to prevent them? We offer here some of the diseases that increasingly common in the winter, which can be prevented or reduced the danger through simple instructions, according to the National Health Service in Britain: Catarrh (common cold or cold): The common cold is a viral disease of the symptoms of runny nose, cough and tightness in the chest be mild to moderate, and may lead to a sinus infection or pain in the ear. To prevent colds we recommend the following: Wash your hands constantly, to eliminate viruses that may be moved to when to catch the contaminated surface a handle door or lighting button. Maintaining the cleanliness of the environment inside the house. Do not use cups or dishes others. flu Influenza is a viral disease symptoms include headaches, fatigue and pains in the body, fever, coughing and tightness in the chest, which is more serious than a cold, and may lead to pneumonia and respiratory failure and possibly death, especially the endangered groups such as the elderly and impaired immunity. To guard against the flu are advised to take the vaccination, which gives good protection from the disease and the effect lasts for one year. Norovirus It is a highly contagious viral infection affecting the stomach, leading to symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. These infections are more common in winter and in schools, hotels, and the patient usually recovers within a few days. protection: Follow the foundations of personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Not to eat fresh, but after making sure of a good wash. Cooking well. Heart Attacks Heart attacks increase in the winter, and it could be due to the cold weather may raise blood pressure and increase the burden on the heart, and the cold may make the heart exert more effort to maintain body temperature. protection: If you have heart problems or blood circulation, see your doctor consistently and follow his instructions. committed. Stay at home in a cozy atmosphere. Keep the warmth of your body, and you can use the blanket warm water. When you go out, Wear a coat and a hat and scarf and gloves to keep warm your body and your head and neck and hands. skin dryness: Dry skin is aggravated in the winter as a result of the low degree of humidity in the air, and to deal with him thus advised: Use skin moisturizers continuously, and the best time for that is after a shower and before going to sleep. When showering, use warm water, not hot, water is hot makes the skin drier.

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