FC Barcelona Lassa v Abanca Ademar: Through to the cup final (33-27)

Mark AdamLast Update : Saturday 7 May 2016 - 4:00 PM
FC Barcelona Lassa v Abanca Ademar: Through to the cup final (33-27)

FC Barcelona Lassa: Saric (1), Jallouz (4), Sorhaindo (-), Gurbindo (2), Viran (-), Ariño (4) & Jicha (1) –starting seven–, Tomás (4), Lazarov (4), Sarmiento (3), Syprzak (5), Entrerrios (2), Sigurdsson (3) & Noddesbo (-).

Abanca Ademar: Cupara, Lorenzana (1), Piñeiro (5), Sampaio (2), Marques (1), Fernández (6) & Huerta (-) –starting seven–, Aguirrezabalaga (2), García (-), Pérez (1), López (4), Carrillo (2), Jaime (1) & Zildzic (2).

5 min periods: 2-3 / 6-4 / 10-5 / 13-6 / 17-10 / 20-12 (HT) / 22-15 / 24-17 / 28-19 / 30-24 / 31-26 / 33-27

FC Barcelona Lassa have beaten Abanca Ademar 33-27 in the semi-final of handball’s Copa del Rey, which is taking place in Pamplona this weekend. Kamil Syprak led the way with five goals, and the Pole was followed by Tomás, Ariño, Jallouz and Lazarov, with four each.

Ademar did lead early on, but it wasn’t long before the Barça machine moved into action, and Xavi Pascual’s side were already well in control by the time of the interval (20-12).

Raul Entrerrios and Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson freshened things up after an intense first 30 minutes, and although Ademar came out strong after the restart, Barça soon imposed their authority and the remainder of the game was a far more comfortable affair.

The Catalans march on to face either Helvetia Anaitasuna or Naturhouse La Rioja in the grand final on Sunday at 5.00pm CET. Barça are looking to win the Copa de Rey for the twentieth time, and to collect their fifth trophy of the 2015/16 season.

Source: FC Barcelona

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