Facebook Messenger 2017

Walid AliLast Update : Thursday 5 January 2017 - 3:19 AM
Facebook Messenger 2017

Facebook Messenger 2017

Mo4ch News of the most important applications that become necessary must be available in your computer, where one of the programs that have become compete most chat programs and messenger major world famous, such as Yahoo Messenger and hotmail and Skype. Facebook Messenger segments of the program and worth the experience and deserves to be a contender for the top chat programs and Messenger lots scattered around the world .

is Facebook Messenger program is the social networking official program for the largest site in the world, Facebook is this enough for him to be a giant of a giant social networking technology in the world.

Makes you communicate through it with your friends via the in using your account on the popular Facebook site to show you a list of friends and know him to callers without them is connected and lets you last text and voice conversations and also send thousands and face charges expressive across each other and through which you can find a place to stay each of your friends and see the place from which to send messages.

Official company announced the Facebook for a formal application to the social networking site famous Facebook to fit the technological developments and technical revolutions in the field of smart phones to internal pressure through a smartphone, whether Samsung or relies on Android or Nokia’s system or rely on Windows iPhone and iPhone system or depend on Father system Storr.

Facebook Messenger 2017

Features Facebook Messenger application Communication and chat program Messenger official of the famous social networking site Facebook. Send thousands smilies and fees expressive faces and funny and sad.

Source : Rebounds

Program information License: Free Released: 2017 Size: according to the type of application Developer: Facebook Messenger The program works on systems Android and iphone and windows iPhone

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