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“Either we win this election, or we lose our country” — Trump

WASHINGTON, Oct 19 (KUNA) — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, campaigning in Wisconsin on Tuesday, continued his rambling tirades against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, blaming her for a wide array of problems, many exaggerated and some imagined. And he continued to portray the November 8 election as the last chance for Americans to save their country.
“Either we win this election, or we lose our country,” Trump said. “I mean that. I really believe this is the last time. This is it, folks. This is it. I really believe this is the last shot we have.”
That remark came after Trump spoke in haphazard fashion on his signature domestic issue of illegal immigration.
As secretary of State, Clinton “allowed thousands of criminal aliens to be released (in the US) because their home countries wouldn’t take them back,” Trump said.
He said Clinton favors sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, “Social Security, Medicare and lifetime welfare … by making them all citizens,” and “no deportation of visa overstays.”
Clinton wants to bring into the US “even more criminal aliens by expanding (President Barack) Obama’s non- enforcement directives, and she wants a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees to come into this country,” Trump said.
Trump began his speech by discussing the latest focal point of Wikileaks emails showing that an FBI official last year offered to change an FBI determination that an email from then-secretary of State Clintonآ’s private email server contained classified information. The longtime FBI official, Patrick Kennedy, made the offer contingent on the State Department approving an FBI request to put two more FBI bureau employees back in Baghdad. The offer was ultimately rejected after a review by higher FBI officials.
The Clinton campaign says the offer never rose to the level of discussion with Clinton or her top aides, and there is no evidence indicating otherwise.
However, in his speech on Tuesday, Trump said the Wikileaks finding indicated “deep” corruption.
“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency of the United States,” he said.
The documents indicate a “quid pro quo,” Trump noted, without also noting that the offer was never accepted and no deal was ever made.
“This is totally corruption by any standards,” Trump said.
Trump also blasted the news media as a pawn of Clinton’s, and warned again of a “rigged” election that involves voting by illegal immigrants.
“A new report from the Center of Public Integrity shows that 96 percent of so-called journalists or reporters who made presidential donations this cycle gave their money, gave themselves, gave everything to crooked Hillary Clinton,” he said.
Approximately 24 million people, one of every eight voter registrations in the United States, are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate, Trump alleged. However, numerous studies and findings conducted in recent years show that voter fraud in the US is virtually non-existent.
“Our system is also rigged by the donors giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” the New York real estate mogul said.
Trump announced that as president, he would reinstate a ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for five years after they leave government service; ask Congress to institute its own five-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs; issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government; and ask Congress to pass campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in US elections and politics.
Meanwhile, a new SurveyMonkey poll of 15 US battleground states conducted with the Washington Post found that Clinton holds a decisive advantage over Trump in the competition for votes in the electoral college, leading in enough states to put her comfortably over the 270 majority needed to win the presidential election.
Clinton holds leads of 4 percentage points or more among likely voters in states that add up to 304 electoral votes, the survey found. Trump has the advantage in states with an estimated electoral vote total of 138. Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Texas, which account for 96 electoral votes, remain as toss-ups, the survey found. (end)

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“Either we win this election, or we lose our country” — Trump

“Either we win this election, or we lose our country” — Trump

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