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Demonstrators Advocate for Health Care at Ted Cruz's McKinney Town Hall Meeting – Northdallasgazette

Protesters outside of veterans town hall meeting with U.S. Ted Cruz in McKinney (Courtney Borchert/NDG)

By Courtney Borchert, NDG Special Contributor 

A rally of approximately 180 people formed outside of a Sheraton Hotel in McKinney on July 5 in response to Sen. Ted Cruz’s support for repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Town hall meetings sponsored by Concerned Veterans for America are scheduled this week for Cruz to address issues within the US Department of Veterans Affairs such as health care and accountability.

Dr. Misty Hook, a private practice psychologist, was able to obtain a ticket to the sold-out event. She describes herself as an overflow doctor veterans often visit when they cannot be seen by Veterans Affairs. She wanted to know how private practices will be reimbursed for serving veterans if insurance companies are given the choice of opting out of covering mental health care. Dr. Hook is concerned, “those of us in practice either will be out of business or more of my clients won’t be able to get services [if the mandate protections are pulled].”

Texas residents outside of the event brought signs, chanted and were determined to remind Cruz his constituents were not just in that room. Natalie Cortez, Dallas resident and mother of two, says the ACA has kept her alive during her fight against cancer for almost five years.

If I had been diagnosed before Obamacare, there could have been a cap on my private health insurance and I wouldn’t have received those surgeries that I needed. My fear is that with this new plan the annual and lifetime caps can come back on our private health care insurance,” Cortez said.

Several protesters’ stories referenced not being able to afford health care before the ACA, whether because of $10,000 monthly medication bills or pre-existing conditions.

If you would like to share your comments or opinions with Sen. Cruz, visit www.cruz.senate.gov.

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