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California would take biggest hit under Senate Republicans' latest Obamacare repeal plan – Los Angeles Times

California, which has used the Affordable Care Act to extend health protections to millions of its residents and cut in half the number of people without health insurance, stands to lose more than any other state under the latest Republican plan to roll back the 2010 law.

The GOP plan, which Senate leaders want to bring to a vote this week, would slash more than $100 billion in federal funding for the state over the next decade and tens of billions more in the years that follow.

That would force unprecedented cutbacks to the state safety net, hobble hospitals and clinics across California and likely leave millions of Californians without access to regular medical care, government and health officials warn.

“For the first time, we’ve been able to create a path to ensuring everyone has basic health benefits here,” said California Health and Human Services secretary Diana Dooley, who has worked in the state’s healthcare system for more than two decades. “This would strip all that away … and leave us with a series of terrible choices about who we could afford to help.”

Estimating the full impact of the Graham-Cassidy plan is difficult given its complexity and uncertainty about how it would be implemented, but analyses by the Kaiser Family Foundation, consulting firm Avalere Health and the state itself indicate California would lose at least $112 billion in federal aid by 2027.

In Kaiser’s analysis, only six states lose a larger percentage of federal aid available through the current health law over the next decade: Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Oregon and Vermont.

Even the Trump administration’s own analysis, first reported by Axios, estimates that California will see a 45% cut in federal healthcare aid in 2026, as funding is reduced more than $20 billion.

State officials, who calculated that California would see $138.8 billion in federal cuts by 2027, called the Graham-Cassidy bill the worst of the three leading repeal plans congressional Republicans have tried to advance this year.

They also warned that not only would coverage likely be scaled back, numerous other initiatives to improve care would be jeopardized, including expanded home-based services for the disabled, which serves nearly 500,000 Californians, and family-planning services, which serve more than 600,000 low-income people in the state.

“The impacts … are serious and will be devastating to not only our Medi-Cal program, but the larger healthcare delivery system that all Californians rely on,” state analysts concluded.

Times staff writers Soumya Karlamanga in Los Angeles and Sarah Wire in Washington contributed to this report.




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