Burning cars, tear gas: Rennes, France hit by violent anti-labor reform rallies

Tom MarkLast Update : Saturday 14 May 2016 - 3:51 PM
Burning cars, tear gas: Rennes, France hit by violent anti-labor reform rallies

Rennes has been engulfed by violent protests over labor reform that will see longer working hours for less money. The rallies have been happening since March 31, with hundreds of thousands taking to streets all over France.

In the latest protest, demonstrators set cars on fire, attacked a bank, vandalized buildings, threw objects at the City Hall and drew slogans on its walls.

In response, police in riot gear attempted to disperse the rally with tear gas.Footage from the scene shows plumes of orange tear gas smoke, and hooded protesters.

At first, they just wander around, but then things turn violent: police are shown in full riot gear, objects such as suitcases are chucked at CCTV cameras.

Hooded protesters scrawl “War to the Palace” in graffiti, set cars on fire, play drums, and break windows.

The reform will allow employers to negotiate longer working hours and lower overtime pay – a measure that has angered French labor unions.

It has only been a couple of months since the movement against the labor reforms was launched, but some of the rallies have been violent. In April, over 20 demonstrators were injured in Rennes, and police used have tear gas to disperse protests all over the country.

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Fresh protests in April drew comparison with the Occupy movement in the US. The rallies have taken place all over France: in Paris, Marseille, Rouen, Rennes, Toulouse, and other cities.

The movement’s Facebook page now has more than 140,000 followers.

Source: RT World

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