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Buckley on future: ‘I have hope’

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NATHAN Buckley remains fatalistic over his future, conceding change at Collingwood is inevitable.

Asked if he might have coached the club for the 136th and last time, Buckley said: “Whether that’s the case or not, we’re only ever in the chair for a period of time.

“In 20 years time it will be very unlikely that any of us will be sitting in the same chairs and the players will have been turned over and will go.

“What the club stands for and what it is, is a representation of the people that are in it at the time.




“You get what you deserve and we’ll get better when we deserve better and we put the work in.”

Speaking after Collingwood’s gritty 16-point victory over finals aspirant Melbourne, Buckley said he had confidence in the club’s review — regardless of personal consequence.

Asked if he had a feeling if the blueprint would contain a recommendation for him to continue, he said: “I have a hope. I have a hope.

“But as I’ve said consistently the right decisions will be made because I think the right information has been gathered and I think it’s far more in depth than the outside commentary would suggest.

Nathan Buckley at three quarter time at the MCG. Picture: Alex Coppel

“We’ll clearly all be more aware of what the key decisions are in the near future.

“There’s gonna be change around the place.

“Inevitably even good people will come and go but the challenge of an organisation is to continue to build and develop the individuals within it.

“And that’s our challenge if we want to get to where we want to.

“There will be change because it’s inevitable and the club has gone and done a review and put a blueprint together.

“There’ll be decisions over the next four to six weeks that impact on that but the majority of the people in that room (changeroom) will still be there and have a role to play.”

Buckley privately addressed the playing and administrative group before emerging to savour his 70th victory as coach since succeeding Mick Malthouse in 2012.

He said the focus over the past week had not been on his future — nor that of any particular player — but on the need to finish the season appropriately.

“We said at the end of last week after going down to the Geelong that we wanted to sing the song one more time,” he said.

“To show in that seven-day period the growth and maturity to be able to handle a side coming back at us was really encouraging and you’ve got to enjoy that.”

He said the effort to hold off Melbourne a week after blowing a five-goal lead to Geelong was a sign of maturity.

“Probably just learning the lessons. We were out on our feet after halftime,” he said.

“We had six or seven blokes who were on one leg but I just thought the ticker of the group was enormous.

Eddie McGuire looks on at the final siren. Picture: Alex Coppel

“The ground was looking really big there for a while when they had the ball and were looking to work through us.

“I thought we controlled and showed greater composure with our ball use for longer.

“That’s clearly an important part of the result.”

Buckley praised the effort of Brayden Maynard in the midfield and is confident Tyson Goldsack and Mason Cox will remain at the club.

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