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Bizarre labor selfie captures mom-to-be in agony (PHOTO)

Is there ever an inappropiate time to take a selfie? Definitely not, judging by one Texan who posted a selfie from the delivery room as her sister dealt with a painful looking moment during childbirth.

“Selfie!!! While my sister is getting ready to shove a baby out her vag [vagina]!” Kat Armendariz posted to Facebook along with a selfie in which her sister, Kimberley, can be seen holding her face in pain.

“She thought it was funny honestly,” Armendariz told RT.com, adding that her sister approved of the selfie.

Not everyone found it funny though, with the picture getting some negative reactions. “Not everyone had a sense of humor about it. Gotta love the internet!” Armendariz said.

When the camera was put away her sister delivered a boy weighing 7lbs, naming him Zayden.

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