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Bahrain to hold major int’l defense expo in 2017

MANAMA, Oct 19 (KUNA) — Bahrain announced Wednesday hosting a major international military exhibition, slated for October 16th, 2017, that would showcase ground, air, and sea defenses, and discuss a number of significant issues regarding the region, particularly terrorism.
The event, entitled the First Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC), will be the first tri-service defense exhibition and conference, bringing together prominent key players from the region and across the world, Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, Commander of Bahrain Royal Guard, said.
Sheikh Nasser, who is also Chairman of BIDEC 2017, made his remarks during a press conference in presence of officials and heads of diplomatic missions in the Kingdom, including Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bahrain Sheikh Azzam Mubarak Al-Sabah and Military Attache to Bahrain Major General Brigadier Ali Al-Asaker.
The exhibition also aims at coordinating military and diplomatic efforts to bolster cooperation between Bahrain and the international community, he said, pointing out the event’s importance in addressing significant issues such as terrorism, which would benefit all anti-terror efforts around the world.
Hosting such an event is so essential due to the ongoing security challenges in the Arab, regional, and international arenas, Sheikh Nasser noted, adding that BIDEC 2017 will provide the participant, particularly military experts, with the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions, and consultations on current security updates.
BIDEC 2017 will have a fully hosted international military VIP Delegation Program that will include representatives from all over the world.
It is expected that over 100 international manufacturers and suppliers of the latest military equipment, technology and systems will be present.
With over 3000 international visitors expected to attend, there will be a Static Display Area within the exhibition showcasing the latest military vehicles and airframes.
The Middle East Military Alliances and Coalitions Conference, addressing the biggest challenges in Bahrain and beyond, will also take part alongside the exhibition.
BIDEC 2017 will also host unique features which include Live Parachute Exercises, Shooting Range Exercises, Warship Display and Military Vehicle Demos. (end)

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Bahrain to hold major int’l defense expo in 2017

Bahrain to hold major int’l defense expo in 2017

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