Apple's Siri vs. Google Assistant on iPhone: Siri just can't keep up – CNBC

Tom MarkLast Update : Saturday 20 May 2017 - 3:34 PM
Apple's Siri vs. Google Assistant on iPhone: Siri just can't keep up – CNBC

Google is the clear winner here.

Not only was it more accurate, it also presented new options that allowed me to dig deeper into every topic.

There are a couple other things to note, too.

  • Apple locks down iOS, so you can’t just launch right into Google Now like you can by saying “Hey Siri,” but it’s worth the effort of opening the app. Plus, you can add a widget to Google, so the assistant is always just one swipe away.
  • You can use Siri to launch apps or do things like silence your phone — things you can’t do with Google Assistant — but I’ve never used Siri in that manner. I think those functions are helpful but not really a measurement of a machine’s intelligence.
  • Google Assistant also lets you type in queries, so you don’t have to speak out in public if you don’t want to, and you can make sure every query is dead-accurate. Siri doesn’t have that option yet.
  • You can’t launch third-party music services from either Siri or the Google Assistant on iPhone, because Apple limits that integration to its own Apple Music service. That may come as a surprise to anybody who’s used the Google product on Android phones, which aren’t locked down in this way.

But overall, these tests allowed us to dig into the smarts of the AI on an iPhone, and Google Assistant came out the clear winner.

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