Amid Controversy, Trump's Approval Remains Low But Steady –

Tom MarkLast Update : Thursday 22 June 2017 - 11:03 PM
Amid Controversy, Trump's Approval Remains Low But Steady –

Trump has also lost ground on this measure with independents. While about a third (32 percent) wanted Trump to take the country’s policy reins when he was inaugurated, 19 percent say the same now.

The shift comes as Trump and GOP congressional leaders struggle to make good on one of their central promises during the 2016 election: the repeal of Barack Obama’s signature health care bill.

Data from the NBC/WSJ poll that was released earlier Thursday showed that the Republican alternative to Obamacare that has passed the House is harshly reviewed by the American public, with only 16 percent calling it “a good idea.”

Trump continues to be haunted by character questions

One of the most powerful factors in Trump’s weak favorability is his persistently low ratings on key character qualities. Just 31 percent of Americans give him a good rating on being honest and trustworthy, a factor surely coming into play again this week after his revelation that he did not tape his conversations with FBI Director Comey as he’d previously hinted. Just 28 percent of Americans affirm that Trump is knowledgeable enough for the presidency, and only 22 percent give high marks to his temperament.

In fact, half of Americans give Trump a poor evaluation on all three qualities: his trustworthiness, his knowledge and his temperament for the job.

That’s compared to only 18 percent who evaluate him positively on all three traits.

Even among Republicans, just 43 percent rate him positively on his honesty, knowledge and temperament, while an additional 46 percent offer a mixed assessment.

Democrats have an advantage heading into midterms — but with caveats

After going 0-4 in attempts to pick up House seats in special elections this spring, Democrats can take heart in one key data point in the poll: They now have an eight-point advantage when it comes to which party voters want to see in control of Congress after next year’s election. Fifty percent of registered voters said they hope Democrats control Congress after the upcoming midterms, compared to 42 percent who prefer a Republican-led Congress.

That could be a sobering number for Republicans. Democrats enjoyed a similar advantage (of 10 and 11 points, respectively) before their last major congressional landslides back in 2006 and 2008.

Even more alarming for the GOP might be the gap between Americans who say they’ll vote to send a message for or against the party in power. Thirty-nine percent of all adults say their vote in 2018 will be in favor of more Democrats who can be a check against Republicans, while 29 percent say they’ll vote for more Republicans to help Trump get things done.

But, inside the numbers, it’s not quite clear yet that Democrats can turn their nationwide advantage into a difference in enough congressional districts to flip control of Capitol Hill.

Despite his anemic popularity among all voters, Trump remains above water (49 percent to 47 percent) in Republican-held districts. And voters in GOP-held congressional districts still want to see their party continue to control Capitol Hill by a margin of 11 points, 52 percent to 41 percent.

For more insight into the poll, download the latest episode of

1947: The Meet the Press Podcast.


NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll was conducted June 17-20 of 900 adults. It has an overall margin of error of plus-minus of 3.3 percentage points. More questions from the poll will be released Sunday. Source: world

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