Almsrac a new member of the human body

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Almsrac a new member of the human body

Almsrac .. a new member of the human body

Mo4ch News : Almsrac was a double membrane connects the intestine abdominal wall of the abdomen, is part of the small intestine, but scientists from Ireland they saw as a full member of the body has its characteristics, it may be possible through the study accurately determine the causes of many diseases such as bowel cancer. It consists Almsrac who discovered hundreds of years ago and function of the intestine connecting the abdominal wall, a double membrane, and contains several coils membrane and complex parts, and was considered part of the intestine. But close examination of mesangial revealed that it was not merely a film. It is a full member of his properties, according to a new study published in the scientific periodical “The Lancet” medical research for the liver and digestive system. Researchers from Ireland in the study pointed out that Almsrac still functions are not well known, but considered as a separate member may open new horizons for scientists to study it thoroughly. The researchers hope that by studying the new member, to know the causes of many diseases, such as those affecting the digestive process in the intestines, as well as bowel cancer, especially as it has been well bowel cancer treatment when surgical intervention to raise Almsrac patients. He suggested Professor Kofi Calvin of the University “to Mirek” Irish, a supervisor of the study, to be allocated a special section for the scientific study Almsrac accurately. And it managed the scientific team supervised by Professor Kofi 2002 discovery Almsrac Properties and then Ranked new member of the body later through careful examination of the cells Lists.

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