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AFL fan slammed for disability con

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AN AFL fan was attacked online after boasting about pretending to be disabled to get better seats for a bargain price.

The footy supporter shared a photo taken from a mobility scooter positioned with a great view of Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium on Reddit. “Protip: hiring a mobility scooter and buying a $17 standing ticket at Etihad gets you in a $70 seats,” he wrote.

But other users of the social media site were disgusted. “Letting go of human decency: priceless,” one wrote.

The Reddit user said he had bought a standing ticket and used a mobility scooter to get a better spot.

“That’s just so f***ing wrong,” said another, while one commented: “Shame on you.”

Another user added: “Taking the space from a disabled person is an absolute dog act. Doesn’t matter how many disabled people were there, you’ve got no right to take the spot. Consider what you’re doing before you act like such a selfish a**hole.”

The Bombers fan, who posted the image last night following Essendon’s 15-point win over Fremantle, joked: “I almost ran over a Dockers supporter so doesn’t that even things out?”

Some questioned whether it was worth the cost of hiring a scooter, but the fan — who calls himself bluejeans90210 — said it had only set him back $4 an hour.

“Well played sir,” replied one user.

And others also leapt to his defence, with one calling it a “good job” and another remarking, “It also allows you to jump the queue at the airport.”

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