A Group Of Schoolboys Wore Skirts To Protest Against Their School's "No Shorts" Uniform Policy – BuzzFeed News

Tom MarkLast Update : Thursday 22 June 2017 - 5:59 PM
A Group Of Schoolboys Wore Skirts To Protest Against Their School's "No Shorts" Uniform Policy – BuzzFeed News

Devon Live said there were around 50 to 70 young boys wearing skirts due to the hot weather. Yesterday was said to be the hottest June day in 41 years, reaching 34°C.

“We are doing this because it’s too hot,” some of the pupils told Devon Live.

One boy added: “I’m not in sitting lessons in the boiling weather in trousers.” He questioned why girls have two options, skirts or trousers, and boys only have one. “Boys and girls should have the same rights anywhere in the word,” he said.

A number of boys who wore shorts yesterday claimed they were sent to isolation. “I didn’t think that was fair, so I walked out,” one said.

When asked about the situation, the girls said the skirts suited the boys.

Thirty-year-old Claire Reeves, whose son attends the academy, told Devon Live on Tuesday: “I have called the school several times and they have told me that if I send my son to school in shorts then he will be sent to the isolation room all day and if I keep him off school then it’ll be an unauthorised absence.”

She added: “As I am aware, all the other high schools have adapted their policy for the hot weather but Isca are refusing to budge.”

The headteacher of Isca Academy, Aimee Mitchell, told BuzzFeed News: “We recognise that the last few days have been exceptionally hot and we are doing our utmost to enable both students and staff to remain as comfortable as possible.

“Shorts are not currently part of our uniform for boys and I would not want to make any changes without consulting both students and their families.

“However, with hotter weather becoming more normal, I would be happy to consider a change for the future.”

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